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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Irritated. (Opinion)

While I was skimming my Current In Carmel last night with adult beverage in hand I had to pause while I read the 'market update' from the President of a competing real estate company. (Note...this is not about Current which I like).  The gist of the article stated essentially that home values in Carmel are up about 10% in 2014.  It's a good thing I had my Greg juice because it probably kept my blood pressure in tact. For where we are in September it is completely misleading to toss that statistic out there given the slower Summer we've had. Frankly as professionals I've always believed we MUST tell it like it is at any one moment in time because consumers deserve it. If we cannot shoot straight when things are less than perfect why would anyone believe it when things are truly good?  

Here are the actual facts:  For June, July, August of 2014 475 homes went under contract in Carmel. In June, July August of 2013 551 homes went under contract in Carmel. We're down just under 18% in units of homes sold this Summer compared to last. These numbers are taken directly from the MLS/BLC and are not in dispute. It's been a slower year. It's not a crisis...just slower. So why would a real estate company's president tell you that values are up about 10% in Carmel?  Because they don't believe in telling you anything negative, even if it's the truth. No really...that's their actual philosophy. You've heard the saying about lies, damn lies and statistics?  Well there you have it. One of Indiana's 'leading' real estate companies chooses to spin the numbers because your feelings might get hurt and you clearly can't handle the truth. They are the same company, by the way, that refuses to use drone imaging in the marketing of their listings. They are more concerned about lawyers than in using a valid, legal marketing technique to promote their company's clients and their properties. There are many good people that work under the big yellow T. Too bad there's also misinformation coming from their management. 

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