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Carmel Indiana 46033 homes for sale is undergoing a redesign that will better serve all of Carmel. While I may live in the 46033, my west Clay friends have requested more info that relates to their side of town. As always you can reach me at 317-848-GREG (4734). From Gil Thorp and all of us...we thank you!

Monday, November 24, 2014

To Sell In December Or Not To Sell....

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I get the question constantly at this time of the year.  Should I sell my Carmel or Hamilton County home during the holidays?  Not a simple answer. If you're going down this path you need to be flexible. Last year when the heavy weather hit on January 3 and continued to July (all right mid March) we were down roughly 25% in units of homes sold for the first quarter of 2014. In other words heavy snow will potentially have a huge impact on home sales and values. Let me translate even further. Cold temps with bare ground will not kill sales. A lot of snow will.  

Here's the good news. A considerable amount of inventory is disappearing from the market. If people are out there looking they're serious. If you're selling you have less competition. Both are good for home sellers. We can't discount the hassle factor though and selling at this time of year means doing so when we are insanely busy. 

So what's the strategy?  Selling now can be a very good thing but if Ma Nature overwhelms us it could be time to pull back and get on the sidelines. Put your best foot forward and plan to take advantage of the lack of competitors. Pull that foot back and get inside if we see another January like we did at the start of 2014. 
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Friday, November 21, 2014

NOVEMBER Sold and Newly Listed In Carmel

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Despite our perfectly crappy weather so far in November (can you say crappy on the interwebs...I think you can) there has still been good activity in the housing market. 78 new listings came on the market in November in all of Clay Township at an average list price of $359,109 or right at $130 per square foot. 11 of those homes are already under contract and are proceeding towards closing. 

There were a grand total of 63 homes that went under contract in Carmel to date in November with the average sales price of $329,531 and 80 days on the market to contract.  

59 homes left the market in November many of which no doubt will return in January or the Spring of 2015.  

If you have a particular neighborhood that you would like email real estate updates for (homes listing or selling) drop me an email at and we'll start the updates.
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Walking The Walk....

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As Main Street trudges further towards being the iconic corridor it one day will be for Carmel, little things about it have struck me lately. I was one of the few who didn't realize that Carmel Drive will no longer be directly accessible from US 31 and the real access will be Main Street just north of Meijer. When the work is done on Main east of 31 to Old Meridian it will be a quick trip for west siders into the Arts and Design District.The demolition of the old wood walking bridges on Main (and Smokey Row) are also having a profound visual impact on that part of our city. Aside from it just looking different, it's struck me what a change that will be and the things I remember about that wood foot bridge. Seven years ago where the orange barrel sits I was on an early Saturday run coming down the hill and towards the camera in this picture when a huge impact happened just ahead of me. A driver who was on his way home from work drifted off the north side of the road and hit the two end posts of the path with one of the horizontal 2 by 6's piercing the passenger side of the front seat. The uninjured driver crawled out of the car and immediately was picked up by another vehicle and taken to St. Vincent's with minor injuries. The bridge took over a month to repair and I could never really believe that it wasn't a more serious injury for the driver. On another occasion I was walking my two dogs up the hill and about the time I was over Cool Creek I realized I was staring directly at a young male deer who was in front of me on the bridge. He turned, took about three paces and was up and over the railing and down into the woods in seconds. Countless other memories of families with strollers, kids riding their bikes to or from the high school or towards Hawthorne Drive and up to Smokey Row pool or just me trying to navigate those slippery planks on a rainy or snowy morning remain as well. Is it a bit silly to romanticize an old wooded foot bridge?  Of course...but for some of us in east Carmel it's a metaphor for years of our lives and experiences that we've had here and how our community continues to evolve. No doubt thousands of us will have new memories on these paths once they are finished and perhaps the new walkway will be a bit more forgiving on my knees than those old wooden planks that tested my balance and my fitness since moving into this part of Carmel in the mid 1980's. 
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