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Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Almost Mid Year Report For the 46033...

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It's been an unusual year in housing in the 46033. Low inventory, a terrible first two months due to weather, new housing sprouting near River Road and a snake in a toilet.  I missed on every one of these in my January 1 predictions except the snake in the toilet. 

The headlines will read how hot things are with sales at or above list price. When you hear these stories remember these anecdotes are history...not the present. The today reality of the market is that while some price points are very active in east Carmel, many price ranges are softening. We had a two week stretch from race weekend through June 7 where it was crickets above $500,000.  Early in May $500K was a feeding frenzy. It has picked up some since then but is not what we would  expect for mid June in a seasonally driven market. 

The data reads a lot like 2013.  Homes under contract through June 1, 2014 - 258. One year ago through June 1 - 262.  Active inventory in the 46033 - 205 properties. In 2012 on June 1 active inventory - 213. The most expensive home in east Carmel to sell in 2014 was at $1,200,000 just off Gray Road. The least expensive was an $82,000 condo. 

The new construction market has improved significantly and the Legacy area west of River Road and North of 131st is poised for a complete transformation over the next five years. I wonder long and hard if we have the capacity at Prairie Trace, Cherry Tree, et all to handle another mini population boom. I'm sure our friends @myccs will figure that out. 

The next few weeks will be the peak for our real estate market with most people who want to be in by the time school starts making a purchase by early July.  The market will then begin a slow decline into the Fall in terms of homes sold. Interest rates remain the key with predictions of higher home mortgage rates coming from many voices this week.  

Home sellers need to be realistic to get closed. Home buyers need to be ready and aggressive more due to the lack of newer inventory. Home owners who have outdoor restroom facilities near their pool need to make sure they don't have any unwelcome visitors like the above picture. That image was taken in early May when the nights were still cool. That homeowner won't soon sit down again without peering in first. The year is nearly half over....and we're hoping for a slow two months ahead to enjoy our Summer.
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Big Changes Could Be Coming to the 46033

If you haven't noticed lately there's been a lot of dirt being moved in east Carmel where in the past few years there has been mostly silence. Times are better and our community is poised for more growth. Wednesday night one of our city council representatives, Sue Finkam, will host a meeting to talk about the Legacy project and other River Road Improvements. The Ricker's Store and Gas Station will also be on the agenda for discussion. The meeting will take place at Prairie View Golf Course starting at 6 p.m. on April 16th. Mayor Brainard and Councilman Ron Carter will also be in attendance. If you want to attend please email Sue Finkam at I will be there to offer answer any questions about how the upcoming changes may affect our east Carmel housing as well.  We promise it will not be snowing. At least not inside.
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why You Should NEVER Have Your Paper, Mail Held Over Spring Break...

With respect to our law enforcement community who may disagree with me on this, from experience I will never again have my mail or paper held while I'm out of town. Over the years I've dealt with a LOT of homeowners who traveled frequently. About 4 years ago strange things began happening when several of them went out of town. Break ins, which were not altogether surprising, started to increase and strangers wandering their property who thought it was for rent became regular occurrences. If you haven't heard the stories, Craig's List has become a rental scammer's delight. The scammer finds a family going away, they place an ad, have interested parties go walk around it while the scammer (and homeowner) is 'out of the state' and says if they're interested to send him a deposit check because there are others looking. In that case the hook is it's ridiculously cheap to rent. Two years ago I had clients who told no one they were going away and this happened to them. They had their mail and papers held and later we discovered the day they left an ad appeared in Craig's list advertising their home for rent. The only people who knew were employees of those two institutions. Am I saying all postal or Star employees are con artists?  Of course not...but telling total strangers you're going out of town is an invitation for trouble. Get somebody to pick up your paper and mail you trust and leave the people you don't trust out of the equation. Now go and have a great Spring Break and please do something decadent that you can tell us about when you get back.  
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