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Carmel Indiana 46033 homes for sale is undergoing a redesign that will better serve all of Carmel. While I may live in the 46033, my west Clay friends have requested more info that relates to their side of town. As always you can reach me at 317-848-GREG (4734). From Gil Thorp and all of us...we thank you!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Irritated. (Opinion)

While I was skimming my Current In Carmel last night with adult beverage in hand I had to pause while I read the 'market update' from the President of a competing real estate company. (Note...this is not about Current which I like).  The gist of the article stated essentially that home values in Carmel are up about 10% in 2014.  It's a good thing I had my Greg juice because it probably kept my blood pressure in tact. For where we are in September it is completely misleading to toss that statistic out there given the slower Summer we've had. Frankly as professionals I've always believed we MUST tell it like it is at any one moment in time because consumers deserve it. If we cannot shoot straight when things are less than perfect why would anyone believe it when things are truly good?  

Here are the actual facts:  For June, July, August of 2014 475 homes went under contract in Carmel. In June, July August of 2013 551 homes went under contract in Carmel. We're down just under 18% in units of homes sold this Summer compared to last. These numbers are taken directly from the MLS/BLC and are not in dispute. It's been a slower year. It's not a crisis...just slower. So why would a real estate company's president tell you that values are up about 10% in Carmel?  Because they don't believe in telling you anything negative, even if it's the truth. No really...that's their actual philosophy. You've heard the saying about lies, damn lies and statistics?  Well there you have it. One of Indiana's 'leading' real estate companies chooses to spin the numbers because your feelings might get hurt and you clearly can't handle the truth. They are the same company, by the way, that refuses to use drone imaging in the marketing of their listings. They are more concerned about lawyers than in using a valid, legal marketing technique to promote their company's clients and their properties. There are many good people that work under the big yellow T. Too bad there's also misinformation coming from their management. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

How To Make Your Carmel Home More Appealing To Buyers....

It's not complicated.  There are some basic truths to having your Carmel home ready to view by prospective home buyers that 80% of all homes I see violate. 

1) It must SPARKLE. Clean knows no bounds. If it smells funky, the buyers will know it the first moment they walk in and will probably waste no time in walking out. 

2) Let the light in.  Bright sells. Bright clarifies, bright works, bright captures the essence of the true size of a home. Bright is space and context and cubic square footage. Bright is positive and uplifting. If buyers wanted to live in a funeral parlor they'll be sure to view homes with all of the blinds down. Since most buyers are not named ADAMS, let the light shine IN!

3) Reduce the color palate. If your walls or any permanent fixtures are a deep, personal color, change them.  Nobody wants a kitchen with sea foam green granite. Trust me....I've sold one of those. Neutralize today and sell tomorrow.

4) Under NO circumstances should there be smoking in a home. I once had a buyer tell me 'if I wanted to lick an ashtray, I'd lick and ash tray. Why did you bring me to THIS ash tray?'  I don't care whether you smoke...just don't do it in a home that anyone is hoping to sell.

To quote the great Mr. Hand in Fast Times At Ridgemont High....'live it learn it know it.'  Yes Spiccoli...I just played the Mr. Hand card. Now get busy!  
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Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Almost Mid Year Report For the 46033...

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It's been an unusual year in housing in the 46033. Low inventory, a terrible first two months due to weather, new housing sprouting near River Road and a snake in a toilet.  I missed on every one of these in my January 1 predictions except the snake in the toilet. 

The headlines will read how hot things are with sales at or above list price. When you hear these stories remember these anecdotes are history...not the present. The today reality of the market is that while some price points are very active in east Carmel, many price ranges are softening. We had a two week stretch from race weekend through June 7 where it was crickets above $500,000.  Early in May $500K was a feeding frenzy. It has picked up some since then but is not what we would  expect for mid June in a seasonally driven market. 

The data reads a lot like 2013.  Homes under contract through June 1, 2014 - 258. One year ago through June 1 - 262.  Active inventory in the 46033 - 205 properties. In 2012 on June 1 active inventory - 213. The most expensive home in east Carmel to sell in 2014 was at $1,200,000 just off Gray Road. The least expensive was an $82,000 condo. 

The new construction market has improved significantly and the Legacy area west of River Road and North of 131st is poised for a complete transformation over the next five years. I wonder long and hard if we have the capacity at Prairie Trace, Cherry Tree, et all to handle another mini population boom. I'm sure our friends @myccs will figure that out. 

The next few weeks will be the peak for our real estate market with most people who want to be in by the time school starts making a purchase by early July.  The market will then begin a slow decline into the Fall in terms of homes sold. Interest rates remain the key with predictions of higher home mortgage rates coming from many voices this week.  

Home sellers need to be realistic to get closed. Home buyers need to be ready and aggressive more due to the lack of newer inventory. Home owners who have outdoor restroom facilities near their pool need to make sure they don't have any unwelcome visitors like the above picture. That image was taken in early May when the nights were still cool. That homeowner won't soon sit down again without peering in first. The year is nearly half over....and we're hoping for a slow two months ahead to enjoy our Summer.
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