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Friday, October 17, 2014

After The 3rd Quarter....

It's official. I'm now seeing Carmel housing stats in my sleep.  As the kids would say 'I'm sick with this.' After pouring over numbers for 2014 and 2013 side by side for most of a week, I'm certainly something. First, with our overall geography it's virtually impossible to address every neighborhood in this singular post. As I've offered to do for anyone, if you want your neighborhood stats sent to you by email, I can do that very easily. Just drop me an email and tell me what neighborhood and I'll send it on to you ASAP.  

Here's how I broke this down.  I did price points for ALL of Carmel in general and then drew some regions by geography. Let's start with home price ranges for all of our community.  These are properties under contract or closed for 2014 compared to 2013.

$1 to $200,000 2014 = (309 sales)
                      2013 = (357 sales)

$201,000 to $300,000 2014 (385 sales)
                                               2013 (450 sales)

$301,000 to $400,000 2014 (286 sales)
                               2013 (313 sales)

$401,000 to $500,000 2014  (178 sales)
                               2013  (175 sales)

$501,000 to $750,000 2014  (166 sales)
                               2013  (154 sales)

$751000 to $1,000,000 2014 (41 sales)
                                 2013 (39 sales)

$1,000,000+                2014 (21 sales)
                                  2013 (17 sales)

As for geography....we'll start with East Carmel defined by the 46033 zip code.  
All 2014 sales for 46033 = 406
     2013 sales              = 503

In the 46033 the average sales price to date in 2014 is $354,639 compared with $329,209 one year ago on October 1.  In both 2013 and '14 homes were selling at $119 per square foot. The average days on the market in 2013 was 61 and in 2014 it has been 63.

Now for Midtown...defined as the areas between Keystone and US 31:

All 2014 sales = 352
    2013 sales = 374

Midtown's average sales price in 2013 was #311,423.  It's average days on the market per home was 48 and values were $124 per square foot.  This year to 10.1 the average sales price in Mid Town was 343,100, days on the market averaged 41 and values were $131 per SF.

As for West Carmel, this is how the year to date numbers are so far:

2014 sales = 546
2013 sales = 627

In west Carmel the average sales price to date in 2014 has been $433,029 compared with $402,725 one year ago on 10.1. In 2014 homes averaged 68 days on the market and $136 per square foot. Last year homes averaged 77 days and $130 per square foot. 

So what's the conclusion?  Values are better while overall sales of individual units are down slightly.  Also...these are AVERAGES. Please don't go into a tail spin because your home differs in some way from these numbers. Like wise don't pop the Moet Chandon because you think your home is now worth infinitely more given the 2014 data.  What this all means is that Carmel is a vibrant, evolving, diverse housing market with both ownership and lease opportunities for a wide array of incomes and interests. 

Greg Cooper, top selling Carmel Indiana realtor agent broker 

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Rick Smith said...

Nice to get some clear and concise data. Always suspect of blanket and vague statements as they are often manipulative.

In God we Trust, All others bring data.
W.E. Deming