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Friday, August 15, 2014

How To Make Your Carmel Home More Appealing To Buyers....

It's not complicated.  There are some basic truths to having your Carmel home ready to view by prospective home buyers that 80% of all homes I see violate. 

1) It must SPARKLE. Clean knows no bounds. If it smells funky, the buyers will know it the first moment they walk in and will probably waste no time in walking out. 

2) Let the light in.  Bright sells. Bright clarifies, bright works, bright captures the essence of the true size of a home. Bright is space and context and cubic square footage. Bright is positive and uplifting. If buyers wanted to live in a funeral parlor they'll be sure to view homes with all of the blinds down. Since most buyers are not named ADAMS, let the light shine IN!

3) Reduce the color palate. If your walls or any permanent fixtures are a deep, personal color, change them.  Nobody wants a kitchen with sea foam green granite. Trust me....I've sold one of those. Neutralize today and sell tomorrow.

4) Under NO circumstances should there be smoking in a home. I once had a buyer tell me 'if I wanted to lick an ashtray, I'd lick and ash tray. Why did you bring me to THIS ash tray?'  I don't care whether you smoke...just don't do it in a home that anyone is hoping to sell.

To quote the great Mr. Hand in Fast Times At Ridgemont High....'live it learn it know it.'  Yes Spiccoli...I just played the Mr. Hand card. Now get busy!  
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