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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Want To Know The Latest On A Neighborhood?

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Yes, I realize some of you will think there's a catch to this but there's simply not. If you want to know as homes come on the market or as they sell in a given neighborhood I can set you up on an automated email alert. It can come as often as once every two weeks or immediately when things happen. This can be for your neighborhood or one that interests you. I'm not going to call you, mass mail you or reach out in any other way. It's just my way of providing you with information that interests you. I won't be using your address in any other way either (that would certainly get you to like me better). If you are interested in getting this type of email, just send me your neighborhood(s) of interest and I'll set you up. By the way the neighborhood can be about anywhere in central Indiana. Here's the email addy:  Have a great rest of the week all! -GC
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