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Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Nice Addition...

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On east Main Street the once vacant lot just east of Hawthorne on the south side of the road is nearing completion. Masterson homes has built this new residence on contract. Frankly when it's fully landscaped in the Spring (we will have Spring, right?) it will be a great addition to east Main. It's actually already occupied so the lights you may see there late at night are legit. It's a private sale so no pricing is available but you can bet at over $135+ SF for most new construction this residence is not hurting anyone else's values nearby (<-this is sarcasm). 

Hey, we sold some stuff in the last two weeks!  See what happens when it's not -13 with blizzard like conditions?  Home buyers and sellers get it done. I'm not sure that says much for next week given the forecast at the time of this post. Here's the sale list since 2/15 in the 46033: 5435 Grandin Hall (new) in Grandin Hall; 12071 Bayhill Drive in Bayhill; 12491 Heatherstone in Bayhill; 1038 Foxglove in Cricket Knoll; 3030 Daum in Waterford & 5810 Sedgegrass Crossing in Haverstick. Remember these are pending sales and not final. We'll post the closed sale prices as they move from escrow to closed!
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