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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wet and Wild in Woodland Springs

If you've noticed a LOT of extra traffic around 116th and Lakeshore Drive East this week it's because the Woodland Springs swim club has been hosting the Metro REC swim conference invitational that notes the end of the season between the participating neighborhoods.  Aside from the Woodland Springs team, swimmers from College Park, Knights of Columbus, North Willow Farms, Smokey Row, Village Farms, The Woodlands and Woods Run teams are all participating.  This is a once every decade hosting event so it won't be back anytime soon but has certainly added some excitement for the families who participate every summer.   It's also not a bad event to help burn off that snow cone, Baby Ruth, endless fountain Coke buzz many 11 year olds have about this time every year.  The view below was from across the lake and gives a nice shot of the tent city where the kids spend their 'down time' - which is probably a misnomer for children this age. 

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