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Thursday, July 14, 2011

That's Gonna....Actually That DID Leave A Mark

It must be that time of year when teenagers are getting bored because some annoying criminal mischief has 
popped up a number of times over the last couple of weeks in east Carmel and beyond.  There were several mailboxes in Moffit Farm that got hit into left field last week as well as other thefts that occurred.  This one survived but there are several other shiny new boxes on this street today who's predecessors fared worse.  You can see the exact locations of these reported incidents HERE.  There was a camera taken off the street where the home offices are located and several other minor thefts reported along Lakeshore Drive this week. Yes, it's true we certainly don't see much crime that's actually dangerous in east Carmel but it's still annoying especially if it's your $300 mailbox and post.  We're all about letting the authorities know if there are kids walking our street after 3 a.m. for their good as well. (It's frightening when you hear yourself becoming your grandfather). 

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