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Monday, November 19, 2012

Carmel CC To Again Tackle Refinancing

At tonight's city council meeting, once again there will be an opportunity to get our city's future stabilized. We've all heard the stories about the 200 million in debt that the city owes for the Arts and Design District and the Palladium/Center For The Performing Arts. We've also all heard about the bickering and political 4th grade grandstanding that's been going on in our city government. Frankly I'm sick of it. We are where we are. So fix it. We don't need any more headlines conveniently released over the BMW Championship weekend that say 'Carmel's Broke.' Apparently the fool who wanted to use that opportunity didn't realize that cutting off one's nose to spite his or her face is never a path to getting things done, now or in the future. There will always be a price to be paid. There will always be a payback down the road. So, tonight, fix it. Get over your childish, petty vendettas and do what's best for our city.  We're paying by some accounts around $9,000 per day on this interest with the always present risk that the rate could get bumped and cost us additional millions.  That would be a shame since this could have been solidified months ago. I don't care who's to blame or why. I don't care what your reasons are, city leaders. Tonight, get over yourselves and do the job we hired you to do and just fix it. The city council meeting is at 6:00 in the town hall chambers. The debt issue will come up quickly and could use your input and discussion. It's an important moment that could affect us all. Hope to see you there.  


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This is very interesting! What is the result after the meeting? I was hoping that positive results come after.

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