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Monday, October 8, 2012

Lake Foggystone and Stolen Signs

The view from the sidewalk on the north side of Lake Waterstone was beautiful this morning especially given the sun shining brightly overhead.  The lake almost appears to disappear into the mist.  This fog bank encapsulated a long north - south stretch along Gray Road today and was a little tricky in driving through at times.

On a side note, I held an open house in Stonewick off of 116th Street yesterday which is a part of this overall development.  I have great clients who are selling their home there on the water. After attending church I went to Stonewick and put two directional signs in common areas of the neighborhood so that people could find this home which is on a secluded cul-de-sac. This was around 10:05 a.m Sunday. For the record I am HIGHLY sensitive to putting signs out knowing that this can be an irritant for some people.  I don't ever put signs outside of the neighborhood, before the day of the event and never on personal property without permission.  None the less when I came back to host the open house 4 and half hours later the $80 worth of signs had been stolen. It's rare that this happens in broad daylight unless it's a neighbor who's upset about the signs (the Tucker agent also had his taken).  As I understood it the covenants allow for common area signs the day of the open house as long as they're not on personal property and again only on the day of which mine were.  I totally understand people don't like excessive signs and I have always been respectful of that.  At the same time we're trying to sell a home for a resident of Stonewick. If we get that done, it's good for everybody, especially if it's a great sales price. Why would someone in the neighborhood want to hurt one of their neighbors over a couple of hours of a sign up?  If they'd just called us we would have moved them in five minutes versus that individual putting our signs in their trash today.  As you can imagine the last thing we want is someone unhappy but at the same time we can't soothe that frustration when we follow the rules and no one calls to let us know they're upset.  If you have that come up in your area in the future, just give this some consideration please.  We look at every situation as a privilege to serve.  If we're asked to do that differently and better, we'd jump through any hoop we could to preserve a neighborhood relationship. Thanks for listening....and hopefully sharing the word.  greg cooper, east carmel indiana homes for sale, east carmel indiana neighborhoods 46033, top selling carmel indiana realtor agent broker, sold homes in east carmel indiana   Sgtonewick, Waterstone Carmel 

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