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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Where's Tiger?

So here's what we know.  I was told this past weekend that he was staying at a private residence in east Carmel for the weekend. I was also told it was the same place Giselle Bundchen (Mrs. Tom Brady) stayed at during Super Bowl week.  It's a private residence with a separated in law quarters attached although I don't think Tiger is having any in laws visiting this weekend unless the check failed to clear.  Yes, he apparently was in a courtesy vehicle that went through the Starbucks on Hazel Dell this morning very early on their way to Crooked Stick.  As close as I was in the above picture I took yesterday at The Stick, I should have just asked him who he was staying with.  My guess is this place is at Prairie View but there are FEW loose lips out there right now.  We're still nosing around and hope to be able to get the skinny on this as the week progresses.  east carmel indiana homes for sale 46033, east carmel indiana neighborhoods, top selling carmel indiana real estate broker realtor agent, greg cooper   

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