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Friday, August 10, 2012

East Carmel Housing Report: Bayhill

Bayhill is on par to meet or pass last year's housing sales total this year and given the diverse price points in this part of Waterstone, that's  a good thing.  From around $400K to the upper $800,000's, both the high end closings this year as well as the more median home prices in the $400.000's to $500,000's continue to close.  With the majority of the homes built from the early to middle/latter 1990's, the key to keeping and maintaining value in a Bayhill home is updated kitchens and Master bath areas.  Any other home upgrades are more about quality of life than investment.  In 2011 Bayhill closed 15 homes and at the midpoint of 2012, eight have closed for a close proportionality over the past two years.
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