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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Update - East Carmel Break Ins

Fishers PD apprehended two suspects Tuesday that are suspected in numerous home invasion/burglaries over the past few months all across Hamiton and a number of other counties.  The most recent break ins in east Carmel occurred in the 5800 block of east 126th (near The Lakes At Hazel Dell) and on Wood Creek Court.  Regardless of the capture of two men who were committing the types of crimes that occurred in Carmel, CPD encourages us to continue to report all suspicious activity to them immediately.  If you have someone come to your door and ask about a lost pet, simple directions, looking for an address that doesn't sound familiar, call CPD immediatly and tell them what you saw. Let them decide if they want to pursue the situation.  There may be more than one individual out there following this pattern. Let's help CPD catch them and end this little stretch of bad behavior before we have kids heading back to school.
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