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Thursday, July 12, 2012


Damned if you do and damned if you don't.  As Carmel put out the word yesterday that we were NOT under a water ban of any kind we immediately got poked by several Indy area media outlets. I heard the one comment in jest on an Indy radio station today that 'In Carmel it's illegal to NOT water your lawn.'  Yuk yuk.  I suppose it just continues to go with the territory that when you live in a successful community you're going to get a bit of hate here and there.  Just as in late June the Carmelfest committee put out the word we WERE still having fireworks, it was a good idea for the Mayor to let our citizenry know we were not under any type of emergency order relative to water usage.  That of course didn't stop the jokes.  Could this have been handled any differently on the City of Carmel's part?  I don't think so. The PR needed to be done on the same day as Indy announced their ban.  No matter how Carmel approached it, we were going to get a few shots taken.  In these times jealousy seems like something else that's become part of the American way.  I suppose most people the Carmel could care less about this. I still am one who flinches when a community I like a great deal gets a shot taken for a silly reason like this.  
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