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Friday, July 6, 2012

Another Crime Warning....And A Call To Action

You've probably heard the numerous media reports over the past few days on an increase in the number of home break ins in east Carmel.  This has been going on repeatedly over the past six to eight months. CPD does a great job taking care of us but they could use our help to get this under control. By some reports there have been 16 break ins in all of Carmel over the past alarming number.  The M.O. has been consistent.  The suspects go door to door, knock to see if any one's home and if no one answers the door, they immediately break in, grab what they can and get out.  If someone is home they simply say they're looking for their dog or cat, ask for directions or some other easy answer that you don't get very often door to door.  I'm offering a thought here coming from a non law enforcement perspective.  If you have someone come to your door and ask a question like this and you don't recognize them, call the NON EMERGENCY line at CPD immediately at 317.571.2511.  Just tell them what you saw and let them decide how to handle it.  One of our neighbors, Rachelle Rodriguez was broken into this week and immediately before that her next door neighbor had someone come to her door asking about a lost cat.  Let's keep an eye out for each other and maybe we can save someone else from having the go through this!
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