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Saturday, January 7, 2012


While CPD tells us overall crime is down in east Carmel, there still have been several disturbing incidents over the past month.  There was a Bayhill daytime break in two weeks ago and this week this door was punched through in The Lakes At Hazel Dell.  This homeowner had a safety bar installed and the culprits simply broke the window and removed the bar.  A laptop and other valuables were taken.  Please keep in mind the mode of operation seems to be daytime burglaries when the thieves know the homeowners are gone. One safety expert tells us leaving a talk radio station or a television on can help create the illusion someone's home. It's more important than ever in east Carmel to keep our eyes and ears open for our neighbors during these times!  Please report any suspicious activity to the Carmel Police Department at 571-2500 or if it's urgent you can always call 911.  
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