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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Coming Soon To A Street Near You

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CORRECTION:  Allisonville has closed over 465.  INDOT's web site said it was coming Friday but it is CLOSED! 

I had several friends in east Carmel say to me over the weekend that they really hadn't thought much about the 110 day Allisonville Road closure over 465 that starts this Friday.  So I asked them where they thought all of that extra traffic was going to go on 96th, 116th, et all that normally uses Allisonville to connect with 465?  69 is already a mess in drive times so that leaves Keystone Avenue for many people.  That's right...get ready for 96th and 116th to see a LOT of extra traffic around Keystone Parkway come Friday and beyond.  You actually could see increased traffic at any of the Keystone Parkway roundabouts as normally east bound traffic heading to Allisonville, doesn't. The good news in this is that by early Fall it should be done.  Walsh Construction, the good contractor on the Keystone Parkway roundabouts is in charge of this project and they generally get it done ahead of time.  Above is the post fix rendering of what it will look like by October.  If you're familiar with 465 and Emerson Avenue, Allisonville will look a lot like that interchange with more lanes moving over the interstate.  Wasn't it nice of Fishers to start that 'Michigan Left' project at 96th and Allisonville right in the middle of all of this (which frankly looks like a RIDICULOUS way to cure a heavy traffic problem)?  
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