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Friday, January 13, 2012

Four Easy Green Tips For Your East Carmel Home In 2012

Yes, we know, it gets overwhelming sometimes.  Trying to incorporate more energy efficient ways of conducting our lives can be complicated.  Here's four easy tips you can use and keep in mind as you go through 2012 that will help you save energy.  First, get on board with the compact flourescent bulbs.  The average east Carmel home based on square footage can save over $100/year and use 75% less energy for making the switch.  Second as you replace appliances, make certain they're Energy Star qualified (and some are not).  The EPA estimates that if one in ten homes used all Energy Star qualified appliances the impact would be the same as if 1.7 million million acres of new trees were planted.  Third, look at your bathroom water usage.  It's true, some of us shudder at the sound of 'low flow,' right Kramer?  That doesn't change the fact that 60% of an average home's water usage is in the bathroom. Low flow appliances are things everyone can used to over time and in addition to dripping faucets can save you thousands of gallons of water each year.  Finally, get your sweatshirts out because turning down the thermostat at this time of year one degree can cut your heating consumption by up to 8% and your bill as well.  Do some of us get fatigued by the constant bombardment of 'going green' information?  Of course....but if we just focus in on a couple of things we an all do, eventually it will have a major impact.  
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