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Thursday, January 19, 2012

But Who Will Water The Roof?

I did my part, honestly I did.  I ate my fair share of Chicken Piccata from Carraba's but apparently it wasn't enough.  Suddenly and surprisingly Carraba's closed on Sunday January 8th after over 13 years at this location.  It had the unique appeal of a mini garden that was meticulously planted on it's roof and was fully visible on Keystone Parkway but now, no more.  There actually wasn't even a note on the door....just some broken up plastic dish racks inside the front alcove.  It's just adds to the mystery of why so many restaurants fail in this south of Carmel Drive/Keystone Parkway location.  On the plus side just across the street next to the Goodwill store, Wolfies is getting ready to reopen in the old Yellow Rose Pub.  This will be their second location having orginated on Morse Reservoir.
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Anonymous said...

While unconfirmed, I am hearing that maybe it had to do with Merchants Sq wanting to raise their rent. The grapvine says dont be surprised to see them resurface in Carmel

Greg Cooper said...

That would be great news....seems like a hard move to recreate that type of building, though.