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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Update: 96th/Keystone, Rangeline/Carmel Dr. Roundabouts....

You've heard the talk and probably understand the necessity to upgrade the 96th and Keystone Parkway intersection to a roundabout (you would theoretically get off of 465 and not have to stop all the way through Carmel). The question is can it get done before the U.S. 31 upgrade starts south of 116th? Our sources inside the city of Carmel are telling us that while the motivation may be strong to get this done, actually locking down funding and performing the work in under two years may be a real long shot.  The same may be said for the intersection of Carmel Drive and Rangeline.  While there is a desire and a plan to get that intersection converted into a roundabout, it too may be a ways off in terms of funding and implementation.  What's Carmel's goal for the future of roundabouts? have only ONE remaining stop light anywhere in Carmel.  Can you guess which intersection?  Main Street and Rangeline, home of the first actual traffic light in America would be the lone site of an actual traffic light.  While we're on the topic can we lobby for roundabouts on Gray Road?  Seems like Smokey Row, Main and 126th would sure be perfect spots for them!  


Scott S. Semester said...

I totally agree with all of this post and hope the funding comes through for those proposed roundabouts sooner, rather than later -- especially for 96th & Keystone.

And yes, a roundabout is DESPERATELY needed at Main & Gray.

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