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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Are You Smarter Than A Traffic Engineer? Apparently, You Are!

It appears 
Costanza, late of Seinfeld, 
has designed the new traffic flow at Keystone and 465 on his 'opposite day.'  Now, every entrance to 465 is on the exact opposite side of Keystone to what it used to be.  SB to WB stay left instead of right, SB to EB stay right instead of left. NB to EB stay left. NB to WB stay get the picture.  That's right, you have to be in exactly the opposite lanes that you did 3 days ago to get on 465 and you now have less traffic lanes to do that.  Can you say accident alley?  We have cars swerving across three lanes of traffic because the whole interstate ramp system has been turned upside down.  I know they're not done but it is a first class MESS right now.  SB traffic backed up to 106th Street at NOON?  Yes, @indyrealestatequeen, 96th street is also a mess as is Rangeline Road southbound pointed out by @ssemester. As busy as this is, whomever designed this has made this area MUCH more dangerous for some time to come, as ingrained as the previous patterns were in driver's minds with currently almost NO signage to warn you until it's too late.  What's a shame is that I was actually looking forward to a possible 'Pickadilly Square' type of roundabout at 96th and Keystone some day but it's hard to imagine how that can be done now with the weirdness that is the Keystone/465 ramp system. 


John Cinnamon said...

It looks like this is clearly a case of "It's gonna get worse before it gets better."

Greg Cooper said...

I was thinking of a line from a Grisham book. They must be stupid, stupid, stupid.