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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


For some time now there have been 
discussions and at least modest legislative attempts to get Carmel on a city wide trash and recycling program.  That effort appears to those of us on the outside to be stalled or at least making only glacier like progress.  We were surprised to learn about the number of negative comments about this potential program that have been shared by citizens with various members of our city government and service providers.  The only question is.....why?  If in fact the economy of scale arguments are true and we believe they are then this is a no brainer.  We all need trash pickup.  As a whole negotiating as an entire city would certainly be cost effective.  For those who are not interested in recycling, if it's truely cost effective this would be a minimal financial burden to get the city on a more sustainable path.  Speaking as a real estate person there is no doubt that it would add a positive layer to the brand of our community with people and companies who are considering moving here.  Literally dozens of times I've had people look at me quizzically when they discovered that neither waste collection or recycling were municipally driven.  In the end we don't care who or what is holding up adopting this community wide program.  We just want it done. In the end it will be a better path for the City of Carmel. 

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