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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Protect Your Home's Value NOW

Take Pictures

Take pictures, take pictures, TAKE PICTURES. 

Seems ridiculously simple, doesn't it?  While it seems too simple, it's actually also very true.  Your home will not look
any better than
it does right now.
The flowers are
blooming, the mulch
is fresh, the grass
has not gotten
that mid July beat
down that all
lawns seem subject
to whether they
have irrigation
or not. Take a
look at these two
pictures to the right.  One taken in late November and the other last week. While the angle is different, it is in fact the same house.  Clearly the Summer pictures are far more appealing to the eye. Consider what a potential buyer would think if this home were for sale in January, being able to see the Summer views.  So you don't think you'll be moving soon, let alone in January?  Nobody does...but welcome to the new economy.  How about just having a great representation of your home for insurance purposes?  Without trying to be a nag....just do it.  Take all kinds of exterior pictures this weekend, upload them to a free GMAIL account and you'll have them for free, stored and available if you need them.  A tiny little preventative measure that is easy and gives you some protection if you really have to make a change at the wrong time of the year. 

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