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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Eat Your Heart Out Norman Rockwell

Can I digress for just a moment?  How in the world did it get to be the 4th of July weekend already?  At the risk of sounding like my grandfather Virgil...let's move forward.

It used to be Carmelfest was a nice little Hamilton County celebration for America's birthday.  Now it boasts a fireworks celebration that is actually bigger than that of Marion County and a weekend series of events that gives everyone a chance to participate and enjoy.  The Freedom Run is a little four miler on Saturday morning at 8:00 that is followed by a peewee run at 9:15.  Then on Sunday and Monday for starters there will be great entertainment at both the Gazebo and the new North Stage where there will be a Beach Party and an Americana musical set.  We've heard a rumor that Jeff Worrell will be demonstrating his Salsa skills Sunday at 3:00 on the North Stage during the Salsa Dance Demo.  We'd absolutely pay to see that.  The fireworks will start at 9:45 Monday night synched to music on B105.7.  Just prior to that, famed musician Mac McAnally will be performing on the North stage at 8:00.  Mac has been through central Indiana many times as a point man for none other than Jimmy Buffet.  He's a remarkable singer/songwriter and worth wading through the crowd to see.   One final note....if you have not yet done so, pick up a Spark Button and help support Carmelfest and the fireworks.  Hundreds of volunteers work tirelessly to put on this them out by purchasing a Spark Button at merchants in the Arts and Design District or at the Farmer's Market Saturday morning.  Photo courtesy CF151/Photobucket

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