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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Two New East Carmel Biz Updates....

In a move destined to help migrate hoards of school age children and some adults (free slushies) the Rickers at 146th and River Road is now open (free slushies) and after all of the consternation about the location seems to be a good fit. Did I mention they're giving away free slushies for a short time during their grand opening? They are and being the step parent of a 15 year old I've now been awarded frequent slushie miles for the number of times I've already been in here. As an observation the exit on River Road seems set back far enough that traffic should reasonably be able to get in and out which had many wondering about this spot for a high traffic destination.  

In the old La Hacienda/Mud Socks location restraunteur Scott Wise has shared that a Scotty's will be moving in soon. With that huge garage door that opens up in the Summer on the north side it seems this is a great fit for the corner of 146th/Hazel Dell and for the Scotty's Brand. No date has been announced yet for the open.
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