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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Carmel's January Housing Market: Weird

Some things continue to make sense in this life like the scenic view of the Monon Trail after a recent snow. Not so in our recovering housing market. The home sales numbers for January in Clay Township are of the nonsensical kind to the letter. In January of 2014, the same January that saw blizzards and 14 below zero temperatures, there was actually some reasonable housing activity. That January gave us 98 homes under contract despite the weather that was record setting. So in 2015 we should have fared MUCH better, right? Not so fast friends. In the month just ended, January of 2015, there were just 74 homes under contract for a decrease of 25% in units of homes under contract. Go figure. Mortgage rates are good and gas prices are as low as they've been in years and still that. Showings (which Realtors track) are actually above last year which could be a very good sign for February and March. In my mind that tells us there are home shoppers who have started early and will be making a buy as the year rolls ahead. They're not out shopping in January if not. If you're an impatient home seller, breathe. Better days are coming and if you're on the market now you will be the beneficiary. The homes under contract for Carmel in January are listed HERE.

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