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Monday, November 24, 2014

To Sell In December Or Not To Sell....

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I get the question constantly at this time of the year.  Should I sell my Carmel or Hamilton County home during the holidays?  Not a simple answer. If you're going down this path you need to be flexible. Last year when the heavy weather hit on January 3 and continued to July (all right mid March) we were down roughly 25% in units of homes sold for the first quarter of 2014. In other words heavy snow will potentially have a huge impact on home sales and values. Let me translate even further. Cold temps with bare ground will not kill sales. A lot of snow will.  

Here's the good news. A considerable amount of inventory is disappearing from the market. If people are out there looking they're serious. If you're selling you have less competition. Both are good for home sellers. We can't discount the hassle factor though and selling at this time of year means doing so when we are insanely busy. 

So what's the strategy?  Selling now can be a very good thing but if Ma Nature overwhelms us it could be time to pull back and get on the sidelines. Put your best foot forward and plan to take advantage of the lack of competitors. Pull that foot back and get inside if we see another January like we did at the start of 2014. 
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