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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

146th Street Corridor Showing Signs Of Life

It's looked awfully stagnant for the last five years.  Ever since the housing crash in '08 it seemed that undeveloped stretch of 146th from Cherry Tree to River Roads was just going to sit. Now the south side of that boulevard is showing signs of life and seems on a relatively fast track to becoming a viable part of the 46033. Several home builders including Ryan Homes are developing neighborhoods that are a part of the Legacy project. As a whole it's much more ambitious than most people realize. Once the residential part of this equation grows, so will potential retail and commercial businesses that could include restaurants and shopping...a mini West Clay by some descriptions. So why does this matter to those of us already living in east Carmel? Because this area needs to become a viable part of our geography. In short, it's time. The infrastructure is in place and now there will be new home options that we haven't seen in some time for consumers. Ten years ago homes were going up so fast it wore me out. Now, it's a refreshing change to see new construction and I think this area once developed will be a wonderful addition to our slice of Hamilton County. 
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