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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bayhill 2012 Housing Summary

Bayhill gained by losing in 2012 with more homes coming on the market this past year that actually lowered the overall average sales price. That's the market improved it actually brought more of the mid point homes out of the woodwork to sell last year contrasting 2011 where higher end homes were offered for sale. 10 homes sold in 2012 (15 in '11) at an average sales price of $501,000 ($533K in '11), price per square foot was $137 ($150 IN '11).  Don't panic Bayhill friends. This does not represent a downward turn in your values, just a different mix of the types of homes that sold last year compared to '11.  Here's what does matter....for most of you it's time to invest in your kitchens and Masters which can be a bit dated in today's world. The sky's the limit for your values if you update these two areas because in east Carmel virtually all original kitchens and bath are starting to get a bit tired after 8 to 15 years since build. Thinking of updating?We're happy to offer our nickel's worth on what you want to spend on how it affect your value! Call or email us anytime!
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