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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I owe you all an apology. I totally forgot to post the weekend trivia winner and deservedly I have gotten the wrath of our weekly players so here's my moment of eating crow. I also know that several of you regularly try to win and have been frustrated in not winning (I know, I know Laura).  Here's our ordeal. We have to pick questions that are reasonable without being outrageously hard. That makes it more fun for all. If they're too hard, nobody bothers and people lose interest. Take this week. I thought we had a reasonable question and ended up with 21 correct answers (usually it's about 10 to 11). This week's answer is Carmel Acess Bikeways. Tall Marge our office assistant again has drawn the winner so I don't get accused of playing favorites. With that explanation our drawn winner from those 21 entries is KEVIN BOURRILLION who wins dinner for four to Pizzology.  We'll have another opportunity come Friday. Would you settle for us washing your car Laura? 
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Laura said...

Sure,you can wash my car over at Mike's Car Wash while I enjoy a free dinner at Kincaids! A girl can ask, right?

Laura said...

Sure, that's fine. You can get my car washed after treating me to a free dinner at Kincaids! Doesn't hurt to ask, right?