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Friday, January 18, 2013

East Carmel 2012 Housing Stats - Brookshire

Brookshire is another neighborhood that gained a lot of traction in the 46033 housing market in 2012. For clarification this is not Brookshire Pines, Lakes, North,Village or any of the other Brookshires. These are homes with the specific legal description of being in 'Brookshire'. 

While at an initial glance there was some down overall data in Brookshire, ultimately the market moved a higher number of lower priced homes during 2012, ones that had not sold the year before. 27 homes sold in Brookshire in 2012 compared to 20 in 2011. Days on the market went from 97 to 88, average sales price held reasonably steady at $257,229 but the sold price per square foot slipped from $103 to $99 a square foot. This is not a huge deal considering the average SIZE of homes sold in 2012 was smaller. Want to make your Brookshire home worth more money?  Kitchens and Masters, kitchens and masters, KITCHENS AND MASTERS! In an older home such as many are in Brookshire you will often see a better than average return on monies spent given the character of the lots. Prioritize and use your cash wisely and you'll get great bang for your buck in Brookshire!
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