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Friday, December 14, 2012

Timely, Informative From CCS Today....

Received an email a short time ago from Carmel Clay Schools.  In light of tragic events today in Conneticut, some peace of mind in the midst of madness:  
Carmel Community,

Our hearts are heavy with compassion for those affected by the terrible tragedy at the elementary school in Connecticut.  The Carmel Clay Schools want to reassure our community that we take school safety very seriously.  For several years, our school corporation has worked closely with the Carmel Police Department to develop the most comprehensive and effective school safety procedures possible.
Carmel Clay Schools have a large number of procedures and plans in place to ensure the maximum day-to-day safety at each and every school building.  These include:
  • Safety plans designed in collaboration with the Carmel Police Department are in place for each school.
  • Safety drills are held regularly at each Carmel Clay School.
  • School doors are locked and check-in procedures are in place for all visitors to each school.
  • SchoolGate Guardian is the visitor ID system that’s in place each day at each school.
  • A doorbell entry system is being installed across the school system at the entrance that’s utilized by visitors.
  • School Resource Officers (SRO) are present in our schools as a part of our ongoing partnership with the Carmel Police Department.
  • School staff are trained about how to activate safety plans and procedures.
The Connecticut school tragedy causes us all a great deal of concern.  Our guidance counselors and social workers, along with other professionals, stand ready to help and support students in light of the Connecticut school tragedy.  Teachers and administrators will be alert to student needs and will do their utmost to conduct normal, positive, activities at each of our schools.
The Carmel Clay Schools have posted on our Homepage ( (click on Hot Topics, Safety Plans) comprehensive information about our safety initiatives.
Working in conjunction with the Carmel Police Department, the Carmel Clay Schools will continue to do everything possible to sustain safe school environments at all times.   Thank you for your continued support,
Carmel Clay Schools

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