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Thursday, December 27, 2012


It's always seemed a bit strange to send your thanks to a city or some other big entity for performing a service they are already responsible for. To that end I'll send this out to the people. The drivers who were down my street in east Carmel after midnight Thursday morning when they clearly had been working all day on the Wednesday after Christmas did a wonderful job. It's the reason we were all able to get out of bed and back to our lives this morning. Some of us went back to work and some went to the mall (right dear?). Your efforts were most appreciated unlike the confusing pile of steaming goo that Republic Waste Services shoveled at us the last two days. They were a disorganized mess. Their people told us on the phone Wednesday morning at 8:15 they would not be back on our street until January 2 in east Carmel. Suddenly (as a result of their phones ringing with unhappy customers, no doubt), today - Thursday there they were, rolling through the 033. Did no one think about this issue when the storm was being predicted three days ago? That was a bad fumble. You irritated your clients and then you still had to do triple time to fix the problem. Come on Republic, next time have a plan! 
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