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Monday, December 3, 2012

Dinner Winners and Bald Is Beautiful

As I was sifting through the 13 people who sent in the correct answer for where Friday's picture was taken (which wasn't easy by the way), I had gotten this image sent to me taken in the early Spring also from Founder's Park. This stunning image was taken in March. We've had several other tweets about sightings since then but we hope this guy is still around because he is stunning. She could also be stunning but since we didn't look under their wing we can't be sure. 

The winners for the correct answers to Friday's trivia question as drawn by tall Mary the East Of Keystone office manager are Carol Stuben and Marcus Ariston. They each win a $100 gift certificate for dinner in the A & DD. Our restaurants this week were Donatello's and Detour.  Thanks for playing and we will have another this Friday! Thanks Carol, Marcus, Dian, Abe, Sid, Demitri, Ali, Deb, Polston, Eric, Desire and Laura who's enthusiasm I admire but I can't fix the drawing for.  Tall Mary would make short work of my right arm if I did. 

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