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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Coyote Ugly

I thought it was just me. A couple of years ago we seemed to have a spike in coyote sightings in the 46033 (our family lost a pet two years ago last month) but then it seemed to get quiet. In November I had four different people who saw coyotes and this past week I was tracked by one as I walked my dogs. In putting this out on Twitter yesterday I was surprised by how many people responded as having seen them more prominently as well.  John from east Carmel sent me this as a picture he took about about a week ago on the south west corner of East Main and River Road in the field in front of the heavy woods (run Forrest, RUN). A doctor shared with me last week that a nurse's husband had a coyote come after his dog and he was bitten trying to protect it. Here's the bottom line....keep your eyes open ESPECIALLY if you're walking or considering letting a pet go outside unattended. Generally coyotes will leave humans alone but they seem to be getting braver and they are pack animals who hunt together.  If you have an issue call the DNR or CPD. People...let's be careful out there. If you've had an experience like this....we'd love to hear about it in the comments section below. greg cooper search east carmel indiana homes for sale 46033, search east carmel indiana sold homes, neighborhoods, top selling carmel indiana realtor broker agent


Anonymous said...

Went to take my dog out last Thursday night- saw 2 animals running across my backyard- they looked to be med. sized,thin, long tails & fast. I assumed they were the coyotes. We live east of grey between 116 & 126th.

Greg Cooper said...

1 is plenty, 2 is scary! Be safe!

Anonymous said...

We saw one the Sunday before Thanksgiving in our sideyard. We live at Hazelwood Drive and East Main. Then, on Thanksgiving morning, one got into it with a skunk in our neighbor's yard. The whole area reeked all day. They are all around and fearless.

Debra May