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Monday, October 29, 2012

Mangia! Winner!

OK.....I'll admit it.  This week's trivia contest was a bit of a trick question.  We asked on Friday what is the oldest east Carmel neighborhood? Many older homes in Carmel are simple metes and bounds legal addresses, not named as being in neighborhoods. There were ultimately two correct answers here. There's a home on Jeffries Place that's part of the tract of land that became Bayhill. That home was built in 1910 so it could be argued that Bayhill is the oldest neighborhood. The only problem is that it wasn't called Bayhill until the 1980's at the earliest.  The other oldest formal neighborhood in Carmel is Northwood Hills along the White River north of 116th.  Their first home was built in 1911.  We would have accepted both answers toward dinner this week and our winner is Lee Elder.  he car salesman, not the golfer.  Congrats Lee, enjoy your dinner in the City Center at Mangia and we'll have another question come Friday!
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