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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Worn Out

Anyone else ready for the work week to get back to normal?  From the Sheryl Crow show at the Palladium Thursday to a weekend of golf at Crooked Stick and then Greekfest at Holy Rosary (pictured), Gallery Walks, etc., etc., this was a busy one. Most of us felt obliged to take as much in as possible although some of us are suffering from activity hangover.  I know, stop complaining. Frankly the way things have changed in Carmel lately, every Saturday night is a busy one in the Arts and Design District with live music outdoors at Detour a staple.  Anyone else remember those days 15 years ago when there was an empty warehouse where Bazbeaux stood and the Monon was still just a dream?  Didn't think so...we're all glad to block that out.  

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