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Monday, July 2, 2012

Huge Kudos To CFD

Sometimes I wonder if we know how good we have it.  Early Saturday morning, lightning hit a Lake Forest home. Go on the picture and imagine that view in your entry. From the time the homeowner discovered the blaze and called 911, it was less than 3 minutes until Carmel Fire was on site and knocking it down. What's most impressive is that while the fire raged overhead, our fireman calmly asked and then attended to what items were most important to the owner and brought them out.  Priceless family pictures, a cherished chello, an unbacked up PC and the family cars in the garage were all taken to safety while the fire was being battled.  Two years ago when my neighbor's home caught fire in the same scenario with fire burning overhead, members of CFD quickly removed pictures of the owner's late son which obviously could have never been replaced.  We all know this is their job but it's more than that. These people who risk their lives in our community just seem to do this a head above what most of us perceive their work to be.  Sounds hokey but it's comforting to know we have people like this looking out for us.  Heaven forbid any of us have to face this moment, no one will handle as well as those professional men and women of CFD.  With our nation's birthday upon us, I for one will be reflecting on their great efforts during this holiday week.  A sincere thanks to all of them.
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