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Friday, June 29, 2012

Too Hot For You? Get Over It.

It's exactly 173 days until the official start of Winter and unlike last January, there will be plenty of days like THIS ahead when the Monon Trail is a cold, deserted place.  While the grass may be a little toasty (all right it's flat out dead and dormant), these days are so much more enjoyable than chipping the two inches of ice off our driveways with a pick ax (insert February 1, 2011 flashback here).   I do have to admit it's odd to be driving down Hazel Dell Parkway and see 105 degrees at 4:56 staring back at me.  If you've lived for a number of years in Indiana you're used to big temperature changes from season to season. If you're like one of my east Carmel colleagues originally from northern Minnesota, you'd probably rather be sitting in the freezer at Patachou than around the pool at Bayhill this weekend.
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