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Friday, June 1, 2012

REPOST: Who Are We In East Carmel?

The 46033 is a fairly remarkable place to live. No, we don't have a beach and that nasty white stuff visits us every year but in terms of our quality of life and quality of people, we have a pretty interesting combination. 

To start with, take our overall poplulation. There are just over 36,000 people living in the 46033 in some 11,211 households. 51.8% are female. 20,610 of us are married and the median age of an east Carmel resident is 37.56 years old. The most recent median household income is $100,668. Less than 200 of us did not graduate from high school. Over 15,300 of us graduated at least the Bachelor's level of college. We have eight parks and three golf courses in east Carmel that equates to one of the highest per square mile densities of greenspace for a municipality in the country. When it comes to housing....we also have some remarkable statistics. Of the 11,200 plus households, 10574 are owner occupied. 639 residents lease their homes and we have over 1100 vacant residences. The median age of our homes is 14 years and our median sales price last year was $255,552. Now to make all of the people in the East Of Keystone HR department nervous, a few facts about our ethnicity. Over 35,000 of us are either White, African American, Native American, Asian, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander or Hispanic. There are over 1100 east Carmel residents who list their ethnicity as 'other.' I suppose that helps put the Men In Black movies in pespective and explains the late night crowd at Wal Mart. We've taken this information from 2011 census data so everything you've read here has probably changed a bit. What it does tell us is that we live in a diverse, successful and engaging community that despite the lack of that whole 'beach' thing is still an awfully good environment to live. 

Wait a minute.....we have Northern Beach. Does that count?
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