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Friday, May 25, 2012

Reason For The Season

The small cemetery behind the White Chapel Church on 116th near the flowing well is a tranquil spot most days.  This week the only foot traffic there has been a few family members marking grave sites.  Sometimes lost in long holiday weekend is the reality of where these brave men and women served. This soldier from Marion County, fought in the 132nd Infantry in the Civil War, originally organized in May of 1864.  These troops 'mustered out' to Tennessee on May 17th of that year.  Upon reaching Nashville they were assigned to railroad guard duty along the lines of the Nashville, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Alabama, Memphis & Charleston railroads. They were kept constantly engaged in this work until the latter part of Aug., 1864, serving beyond the time for which they had enlisted. Their main responsibility was keeping Sherman's lines of communication open for the transportation of supplies to his army.  There were 19 deaths, disease and sacrifice in this regiment.  It was no doubt, hot, dangerous and thankless service to our country.  This weekend between the grill and the pool, we all should take a moment to remember the sacrifices our country's heroes have made from every this soldier who rests mere feet from the street where many of us travel every day.  
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