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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Power Surge

We'll see your Walking Waffle and raise you one free charge of your automobile's electric needs at this weekend's Carmel Farmer's Market.  Duke energy has put in main level FREE charging stations in the Tarkington Parking garages to plug your Volt (or whatever) into while you do your shopping.  Not only is this a great convenience for people who glide over in their hybrids (it sounds like gliding to us) but is also somewhat of an anomaly.   We have searched for other Farmer's Markets across the U.S. that have free charging stations but have yet to locate one. We wouldn't put it past California to both have these and not be willing to share, however.  It's a nice added amenity for the hundreds who visit the CFM each week and we suspect as time goes on these charging stations will become more and more popular!
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