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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Morning Shower

We don't usually see the morning drink some roundabouts get that keep their landscaping looking lush. There was a full on soaking occurring at 106th and Gray Road this morning. If only my yard could look this good. If only my flowers looked as good as the baskets hanging at the roundabouts, but that's another issue.  Clearly my talents don't have any contact with either of these two Carmel softscapes.  I'd still love to see all of the roundabouts adorned like the early ones were and most of them, especially along Keystone Parkway are plumbed and wired for that.  Yes, we realize their are monetary issues and to that end who knows how far down the road any additional roundabout landscaping could be.  Whatever their planted future holds, best keep my brown thumb far, FAR away from them.  Can I start lobbying NOW for the Main Street, Keystone Parkway roundabout to be landscaped FIRST when the time comes? 
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