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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Definitely Not Fowl

I stopped in to Costa Azul yesterday to try the lunch menu and had a great batch of chicken fajitas. If you're looking for someone to analyze the meal on a more detailed level, I'm not your guy.  I'm just giving you the everyman's opinion. While I'm still looking forward to a dinner there where I can 'enhance' my south of the border food with a glass with salt around the top, lunch was terrific.  What I liked the most was that there was actually more chicken than peppers in my fajita mix. Tasty and with the right mix, lunch was less that $10.  Dinner entrees on the menu were from $10 to $14 generally with good variety. There is no web site yet so to see a menu you have to stop by but everyone was very friendly and helpful when I was there. I'm planning on it being a good Memorial Day stop for dinner where they're open each weekend night until 10:30.  Costa Azul is located immediatly next door to Pizzolgy on Hazel Dell Parkway.  Oh...and I'd like that glass with salt filled with something frozen please.
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