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Monday, April 2, 2012

Starting Today....You Have The Information 24/7

Ever wondered what a home is listed at in your area?  Anywhere in east Carmel or all of Central Indiana?  Curious to know the sale price of that same home?  Now you can have all of that at your fingertips with this free mobile app.  It's as simple as 'find closest homes' which will search out your location and tell you what's for sale nearby.  You can also "find nearby sold homes' which does essentially the same thing with sold properties.  By using the 'advanced search' you can narrow it down to street, house number or zip code.  You can also search out nearby homes for rent by using the 'find closest rental' feature.  This mobile app works for I phone, Android or I Pad and can be downloaded FREE by using this link.  Just enter your mobile number and you'll be sent a link to download the app!  If you have any questions or comments we're always grateful for those sent to!  Have a great week everyone!  

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