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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gone's a midtown thing but occasionally we do venture west of the Parkway.   I really hate it when this happens.  Find a place that we like, appears to have good service and the owner seems to genuinely care about his business and POOF. It disappears.  The ICafe in Merchants Square has apparently closed it's doors for good after a short run in the Plaza.  According to their Facebook page they've only been around since late 2011 which is a pretty tough margin for error in today's economy.  RIP ICafe.  Is anyone going to be left in Merchant's Plaza by year's end?
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Adam Sloope said...

Let's hope so, I need that Great Clips to stay put!

Greg Cooper said...

We need for it to get better....hope the management of this complex gets this headed in the right direction.