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Thursday, March 15, 2012

You Can't Get There From Here

It may be awhile before I indulge in sliders with cheese or the baby back ribs at a number of places along 31 just north of the 431 split anytime soon.  As of this week the north bound lanes are being shifted 12 feet to the right on US 31 and soon the connection between 31 and 431 will be closed and reconfigured.  The south portion of the US 31 Major Moves project is heading into full swing and there may be more than one foul word uttered in the coming months as drivers try to navigate the orange barrels.  Personally I'm going to live on Carey Road north to fulfill my turn in the movie theater carpool until this gets finished which at least in some form will proceed through 2015.  As a side note....for those of you (like me) wondering why another stop light was put in next to the Marsh on Greyhound Pass, it ultimately will help motorists navigate to 151 street as US 31 becomes a limited access highway.  In general, just be sure to rub your lucky rabbit's foot before you leave home.
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