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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Here's How It Works

As the city wide recycling program kicks off there have been a lot of questions about what you can put in those yellow topped cannisters.  After having our crack staff do significant investigative research (OK it was me at 3:00 in the morning) we've going to simplify what's in and what's out. Keep in mind the items need to be relatively clean (no foodstuff, etc).  Pay attention we go:

IN: Plastic water bottles, any plastic bottle #1-7;  Aluminum, Steel, Bi metal cans, Newspapers, Magazines, Cardboard and my personal favorite, junk mail

OUT:  Styrofoam, ceramics, light bulbs, window glass, magnetic strips, mirrors, magnetic strips, food soiled items, plastic flower pots, carry out food containers, food trays, mircowavable food trays, wax paper, wax cardboard, wax milk containers, papertowels, napkins and electronics. 

If you have questions you can consult the Republic web site or call them at 317.917.7300.  Next Monday we'll put up the schedule for what weeks Republic will collect recycled materials since it does alternate in Carmel.  

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