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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Not Wyle E.

For those of you who saw the WTHR story on Coyotes last night, it was a not so subtle 
reminder that even in residential areas in east Carmel we have to be more careful than ever with our small children and pets.  While the story focused on a number of areas and primarily pets, the line that stuck out was the trapper who said 'everyone watching him at that moment had a coyote within one mile of them'.  At the home offices we lost a cat as did our neighbors on successive nights last October.  We never had seen a coyote close by until that happened and judging by the size of this cooter, photographed the day after Christmas just east of Main Street and Keystone, they're getting their fill of family pets.  Another neighbor found a domestic animal carcass in his yard within the past week.  We understand that they've lost land to developments, etc., but considering our neighborhood is 40+ years old they've moved in to an established area...not the other way around.  At some point municipalities are going to have to act or we will have an incident where a child is attacked.  I'm not saying we go on a Jethro Bodine shooting spree to thin them out but at the very least trapping and releasing a safe distance away is becoming more and more necessary.  

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